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1.6.17 around 7pm

I had just one task to complete today! Scoot over to the office, puchase a laundry card, then add $10 value on it. I got that done but had issues completing it! I tipped over getting on the sidewalk at the office right into a snowbank! Soft landing but it's cold out! That didn't stop me from completing this task though! I brushed myself off,righted my scooter and proceeded to the machine. Now my hands are all numb from getting myself up and had issues getting the money out of my wallet! I got a $5 bill then tried working the machine. I had issues getting the bill in the machine properly! This nice young lady asked if I need any help, I was just in a snowbank so I said "yes"! She even had issues getting the machine to except the bills but it's done! I've got so much laundry to do it's gonna cost me $8 this week! This being the case I'm gonna have to do laundry Sunday and Monday unless there are enough machines free to do it all Sunday! I have Monday as laundry day but Ive gutta be perpaired to do it two days cause one load takes everything out of me so I'm thinking if I can do two loads at the same time I'll be able to get through it!


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1.27.18 nearing 10pm

I just did all my trips for the week! It was touch and go for a while cause I wasn't able to connect to the internet! I just employed my great problem solving skills and figured out the problem then proceeded to correct it :)! All those years of getting hit with problem after problem at Settles then Giant really gave me this skill that even a brain injury can't take away from me :)! Tomorrow I hear rain! If it rains I'm gonna do laundry, if not I'll scoot  to Wg's but they're pretty sure it's gonna!

3.7.18 around 11.20am

KJ was over and we did something that would increase my independendence!"the ride" has a pilot program with lyft for para transportation  ! This is similar to taxi service like on demand! The great thing is you call a number to get a ride anywhere not just a specific area! This is great cause now as long as I have the $ I can go anywhere!Being able to call is key cause I've got trouble typing the characters on my phone :)!

11.23.17 around 11.30am

Another holiday this survivor has nothing going on:(! I do know of a free Tging dinna at a church close by but just thinking about it gets my anxioty cooking! I do need to go to the store,maybe Wg's. I do hope everyone has a great day though,I'll get by, I'm a survivor!