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6.3.18 around 9pm

I got up today,did my routine,start the coffee, check vm,trim beard,shower, check email,enjoy two large mugs of coffee,scooted to the store,read email again and focused on an email from HH! Good thing cause then I realized my trips for Tuesday and Thursday were all wrong! I meeting hics in the north and of Boston on Tuesday, then I'm meeting hics at the scooper bowl in Boston on Thursday! This must be the 7th or 8th year in a row I've attended the scooper bowl! This has got to be the most fun day all year! All the ice cream I can eat for a $12 donation to the jimmy fund!


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10.19.17 around 9pm

I went to Braintree rehab and got my Botox injections today! Lots of shots, they don't hurt except when I get them between my fingers! Dr. K does that area to try to help my hand and finger tone! It will take a few months to feel the affect of todays work!

1.27.18 nearing 10pm

I just did all my trips for the week! It was touch and go for a while cause I wasn't able to connect to the internet! I just employed my great problem solving skills and figured out the problem then proceeded to correct it :)! All those years of getting hit with problem after problem at Settles then Giant really gave me this skill that even a brain injury can't take away from me :)! Tomorrow I hear rain! If it rains I'm gonna do laundry, if not I'll scoot  to Wg's but they're pretty sure it's gonna!