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10.2.16 around 10.30am

I didn't sleep well last night cause I was real anxious about my master money card :(! I can go to a branch and get one but that takes careful planning!  I don't drive, I'd have to book a trip that would cost $6 round trip and I've gutta make it for at least one hour. I just feel broke not being able to easily get cash :(! There is a branch near hics, in scooting range but I've never done it,makes me anxious to try! KJ said one time she would walk over with me, I should see if that offer still stands! I don't like to ask for help on something I can do independently but this would alleviate so much anxiety! I've got no cash and my laundry card needs more value on it, need stuffs at Wg's, could use a run to the store! Those are all places I'm used to using my card at. Wg's will take a check but last time I tried it got refused and I can count quarters for the store but that's not an easy way of getting my needs accomplished! This survivor is glad to have backups but I have issues doing it the hard way :(!  


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