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5.16.14 b4 noon

It really is a full time job living my life! I think its very important to live it responsibly, respectfully, happily! I for one thing demand respect! I try to treat people with respect first then after you've earned my respect then comes trust but that takes a while to earn my trust! I basically try to live my  life the way Jesus showed us, emphasis  on try, we're all sinners and Jesus knew that that's why he made the ultimate sacrifice 4 us! Where was I going with this, oh yeah, I didn't do the YMCA this morning cause my foot AGAIN was causing me grave discomfort so I got up and called my podiatrist and made an appointment,now lets work my memory, I think its on 5/20 at 12.30. I did create a file on it in notepad but I pretty sure I've got it right! I believe I also put it in my online calendar and I sent KJ an  email about it. That's repetition, and that's how to make my brain retain information! I know how hard it is to live with a brain injury so you never have enough back up or strategies to help the memory! I do have a tenants meeting 2 go to tonight at the office I think its earlier tonight then the usual 6pm but Lisa knows and is going 2 and its in my  pocket calendar so I've got plenty of back up 4 this! I've done all I need 2 do to live responsibly today, called and canceled all my trips 4 today,called my podiatrist made an appointment, called the YMCA said I'm not gonna make it, I would make a list of grievances 4   the meeting tonight but the last time there wasn't anyone from ramblewood  there just residents. The only concerns I have is, nobody is ever in the office 2 answer the phone and the same old concern  about the sidewalk on technical park drive being very dangerous with the bumps and holes to ride my scooter on! Then after the sidewalk ends the road is too! If nobody is there from Ramblewood, it will just be falling on deaf ears but I've gutta air my complaints anyway


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