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I know the drivers 4 "the ride" have a very stressful job so I try to be as cooperative as I can! I go 2 the front door of my building and wait 15 minutes b4 my pick up time! Tonight it was getting past my time so I called them and they said "nobody was home", all the apartment buzzers are right there where I'm waiting! I would have seen a driver if he came to this building! This driver is a liar then! I wish I could confront this liar cause now I've got to change how I get my trips! There was a call on my caller Id from joint venture (the co. that services me) !That means I should no longer go down and wait 4 the driver, I must wait inside of my apartment 4 the diver to buzz my apartment! I'm an honest person and I don't know if I'm more po ed about not being able to go tonight or being associated with a liar tonight! I wish I still had the email to lodge a complaint, I don't like to complain or get anyone in hot water but this time I'm protecting my character! I'm sorry for all the good drivers there cause they appreciate me being downstairs waiting  but because of this liar I've got no other choice but 2 wait upstairs!


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