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3.16.16 around 11.30am

KJ was ova and we were able to scan that document I got from my pcp's office and email it to Ali @ the YMCA :)! She land lined me and responded to my mail, where I've got a dialogue started through email, that's what works best for me :)! She helped with my Iphone too! I've just gutta remember to go to songs in my music to get all my tunes! Now I can load more tunes from my cd collection :) ! I worked WITH KJ on everything but how we did it all has left my brain now! This living with tbi really sux! The good thing is I've got super great support :)! 


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stop and shop

I rememberd coffee filters this morning without even a list!Its things like that,I work on my memory just repeating to my self coffee filters over and over in my head :)!

fenway tour

Me and my scooter at the tour of fenway park :)
my wheels and I :)