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10.18.15 around 6.45pm

I didn't do laundry today cause I'm pretty sure this is the week my homemaker (Michaela) dose me bed sheets! It costs me $4 to wash and dry a load so I'll have Michaela do it all tomorrow! I've still gutta get to the office here to put value on my laundry card! I can't go to the YMCA until I get a doctors vote saying I can! I'm seeing dr.Tracy ( the doctor who did my last two surgeries) on Tuesday, I've got many issues I need to discuss with him and I'll ask him to draft a note clearing me to get back to working out three time a week at the YMCA! I've still gutta get to Wgs too at some point tomorrow! Michaela isn't due till 4pm tomorrow so I'm gonna plan on taking a ride to Wg's tomorrow and either on the way to Wg's or the way back, stop at the office and load up my laundry card with value! I can't do hics on Tuesday because of a mid day doctors appointment then on Thursday I've gutta go to Braintree rehab and see Shannon to fill up my pump with backlophin! I think the Pats are on tonight so that's what I'm gonna do tonight, go Patriots :)!


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