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5.29.13 around 9pm

KJ was over this morning and she helped me activate my new Iphone 5!This is an amazing tool!I've yet to unleash all its capabilities I've only made sure I can place a call,synced it with my yahoo calendar,got the fb app,my mail app,I don't know if I've got my blog yet or not!That is a priority,I've gutta find out!I've had a great workout at the YMCA then had a great time at hics!I had a great dinna tonight,bacon cheeseburger sub with extra Swiss cheese :) !


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stop and shop

I rememberd coffee filters this morning without even a list!Its things like that,I work on my memory just repeating to my self coffee filters over and over in my head :)!

fenway tour

Me and my scooter at the tour of fenway park :)
my wheels and I :)